Official start of the ‘Compendium for Coast and Sea 2018’ trajectory | Compendium Coast and Sea

Official start of the ‘Compendium for Coast and Sea 2018’ trajectory

In the autumn of 2018 a new version of the Compendium for Coast and Sea will be launched. In view of this next version, the Compendium Secretariat organized the first Expert Group Meeting (EG) of the new preparation process on the 24th of May. The EG, which is responsible for the strategic follow-up of the process and the quality assurance of end products, is expanding with some newly represented organizations (overview members) related to the extension of the renewed VLIZ mandate.

In 2018, some shifts in the core content of the Compendium will occur related to the extension of the revised VLIZ mandate (Covenant 2017-2021). This shift aims to broaden the target group towards the maritime industry, without affecting the neutrality and objectivity of the knowledge document.

From 2018 onwards, a new approach will be implemented for the various Compendium products to promote communication around the initiative. The current hierarchical division of the Compendium with an overarching background document and different derivative products will not be maintained in the 2018 version. In the future, all products will be regarded as equivalent and the background document will be split into 2 separate publications (‘Marine Research and Innovation’, and ‘Use of Coast and Sea’).