VLIZ and the province of West Flanders are launching the CoastalINsight2019. | Compendium Coast and Sea

VLIZ and the province of West Flanders are launching the CoastalINsight2019.

The Belgian coastal zone accommodates a wide range of users and functions on a limited surface area: from important economic actors such as the ports and coastal tourism, the development of unique nature on the beach, in the dunes and the polders, to intense agricultural activities in the hinterland. This means that the coastal zone is confronted with a number of area-specific phenomena and administrative issues. These include the seasonal peaks in coastal tourism, which in turn result in issues such as seasonal work and high pressure of mobility. There is also a specific social fabric present on the coast with characteristics such as a high degree of ageing and dejuvenation. The hinterland, on the other hand, faces other challenges such as water supply and salinization. Furthermore, the location by the sea and the use of land mean that the coastal region is strongly subject to the effects of global warming. In short, the coast is confronted on a daily basis with area-specific phenomena and processes in the social, economic and ecological fields, and at the same time will have to adapt to climate change.

This particularity of the coastal zone requires an area-specific scientific knowledge base. In recent years, VLIZ has been working hard on the Compendium for Coast and Sea in order to pool and provide access to the most relevant scientific knowledge, figures and information, together with the experts in the field. The publication CoastalINsight2019, created in collaboration with the Province of West Flanders, falls within this broader framework and also starts from a neutral and scientifically-substantiated approach. Figures and time series from different sectors and disciplines are brought together in a handy pocket format. The aim is not only to inform local policy makers and interested parties but also to increase the visibility and accessibility of coastal knowledge. The CoastalINsight2019 therefore often functions as a gateway to other information and data sources such as the Knowledge Guide of the Compendium for Coast and Sea, the Coastal Portal, Provinces in figures, etc.

You can now consult and download the Coastal Insight from the Compendium website. Note, the publication is only available in Dutch.

Later this year there will be a spatial translation of the content of the CoastalINsight2019 into the geoportal the Coastal Portal. The figures and maps of the CoastalINsight2019 will be made available here and will be provided with all the functionalities of the Coastal Portal.

If you would like more information about the CoastalINsight2019, please send an e-mail to steven.dauwe@vliz.be


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