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Policy statement from the Secretary of State for the North Sea 2016

On June 2nd 2016, the new policy statement from the Secretary of State for Combating social fraud , Privacy and North Sea, Philippe De Backer, was published. The policy statement can be downloaded here.

The Secretary of State will implement a.o. the following issues during his term:

  • Strengthening the blue growth developments, focusing on all existing and new marine/maritime sectors
  • Evaluation and review of the marine spatial plan, including the development of a North Sea vision towards 2050
  • Continuation of the review of the Belgian maritime law with a focus on the maintenance of a high quality and competitive fleet
  • Strengthening the enforcement policy (environmental surveillance and control)
  • Further increase of the renewable energy capacity in the designated areas up to 2,200 MW and stimulating research on alternative energy sources
  • Cost efficient development of a plug at sea focusing on the future connection on a large offshore energy grid in Europe (North Sea Countries Offshore Grid Initiative)
  • Aiming for a sustainable marine environment through the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the Habitats Directive (conservation objectives, appropriate assessment procedure) and fisheries management measures
  • Investigating the desirability for additional zones for (commercial) aquaculture and special attention for aquaculture within the North Sea vision towards 2050
  • Additional protection measures for wrecks recognized as historical heritage
  • Fight marine pollution (restart Fishing for Litter)
  • Increase the public awareness on the impact of daily and economic activities on the marine environment and the North Sea in particular